My name is Madison Armstrong and I am a first year PhD student in the Population Biology Graduate group at University of California, Davis working with Dr. Rachael Bay. I am broadly interested in adaptation, urban evolution and environmental influence on the genome and epigenome. More specifically, I am interested in how marine invertebrates adapt to human-induced environmental change such as pollution or other anthropogenic stressors in urban environments. I then hope to provide my research findings to the public and policymakers alike to increase understanding of human impact on the environment.

Bay Lab Website
Population Biology Graduate Group Website
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Graduated in 2015 from Ponderosa High School in Parker, CO

Top 25% of class, cumulative GPA: 4.1

Graduated in May 2019 from Washington State University

B.S. in Biology with Specialization in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology with a minor in Genetics and Cell Biology.
Cumulative GPA: 3.75, Summa Cum Laude and Dean's list 8 out of 8 semesters

PhD Student in Population Biology at UC Davis

PI: Dr. Rachael Bay
Sustainable Oceans Program member



R Programming

Data Collection and Analysis

Grant/Scientific Writing

Experiment Development and Design