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Amidst the chaos of research, life and everything in between, I try to travel to new places as often as I can in order to broaden my world view and take time for myself. Below are some photos documenting those travels!


This year I finished up my urchin spine collections for my third chapter in beautiful Victoria, B.C.! I had never been to Canada before and I really enjoyed the area. I also traveled for several workshops/ conferences this year, including the RCN Integration and Training Workshop at Shoal’s Marine Lab in July and the Urban Evolutionary and Ecological ‘Omics SMBE Workshop in D.C. in November.


Continued my fieldwork, went on some local hikes and even got some urchins in the lab while keeping myself and community safe during Covid. Also assisted in some seagrass experiment breakdown out at the Bodega Marine Lab for Karolina Zabinski and Brooke Benson.


Amidst a global pandemic I found myself mostly at my home office throughout the second year of my PhD, however I feel lucky that I was able to access my field sites in the Southern California Bight area.



Graduated from WSU, attended Evolution 2019, worked as a field assistant and molecular biologist in Dr. Crowder’s lab all summer and moved to California to begin my PhD in Population Biology at UC Davis.


In May, my younger sister and I headed to Paris to explore museums and then flew off to Manchester and London to visit a friend of mine. After those two weeks, she left for home and I attended a week-long Bioinformatics workshop hosted by Physalia in Berlin. I got back to the US on June 2nd and then headed to Peru on June 8th. In Peru, I was an assistant teacher with my previous AP Biology teacher, Jason Anderson, and was able to work with Operation Wallacea again. We lived on a boat for two weeks where I mentored a group of six high schoolers and assisted scientists with data collection. Afterwards, we did a quick detour to hike Machu Picchu before returning home.


Visited my best friend’s family in Germany for New Years, where we were able to witness true “bottle rockets”, see the black forest and explore around Luxembourg City.


Adventured to Scandinavia on a Faculty-led trip where I was able to attend Oslo Pride in Norway, write a paper on counter-cultures in society based around Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark and watch boat races in Stockholm, Sweden.


Began my Undergraduate Career at Washington State University with a B.S. in Biology with specialization in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.


Traveled to Ecuador with a conservation company based out of the UK (Operation Wallacea) where I was able to work with scientists from around the world. This trip with my AP Biology Teacher, Jason Anderson, inspired my scientific career as a whole.